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札幌を拠点にしているアイドルグループ「フルーティー」をご紹介します( ゚Д゚ノノ☆


Idol group fruity which was formed in March 2011。
Catchphrase is the fact that "from Hokkaido! Nurturing type fruit idle"、Member has been decided "in charge fruit"。
Apple = red、Lime green =、Mandarin orange = orange、And so on、Costume seems to have also been color-coded to match the color of the fruit。
By the way, dragon fruit = pink、apparently。


2012In the final tournament was held in Tokyo in December "U.M.U AWARD 2012"、Fruity won the Grand Prix!


In "Love local campaign" was launched on NHK in April this year、Fruity has been elected as a representative love dimonium supporters Hokkaido!
Introduced to the whole country the "hometown pride", such as local sights and specialties、This campaign that support a hometown of Genki。
It is the love dimonium supporters to enliven it。
Also、Also now Hokkaido representative even "Amachan your local idle" of NHK。


AKB48 in the familiar popular vote。
Fruity is also we have incorporated the popular vote system、The frequency of a whopping 4 months!
Top five is made to the first team、Earn the right to appear preferentially in there is a limited number work。
Other than that becomes a 2 Army、To participate in the events of the outside Hokkaido is seems to become self-pay principle, the self-judgment and transportation costs ...
と、Harsh idol group fruity now、Or appeared in the local program of Hokkaido、We went to live in the festivals and events of Hokkaido around。
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