Original selfish bowl


Speaking of Hokkaido、Bowl of rice topped with sashimi! Seafood bowl of fresh seafood was piled on top of the cooked freshly rice、Speaking of "cheap, fresh, delicious" is very popular ★ seafood bowl at the famous location、Sapporo, Shakotan-Otaru, Hakodate, such as numerous ...。We will introduce the popular Otaru triangle market among them。

Bowl shop Takinami dining room to the north

・自家製いくら ・生うに(バフンウニ) ・かに
・まぐろ    ・ボタンエビ      ・甘えび
・サーモン   ・いか         ・活ほたて
From 9 kinds of、3You can choose the goods-4 dishes their favorite story! Each of the three dishes usually size 1,800 yen、4Miso soup with in the goods usually size 2,300 yen(*’▽’)
In addition to the bowl、Set meal (extra large Shimahokke set meal、Best silver Dara grilled meal、True squid, such as such as sashimi set meal) and sashimi (scallops、Abalone、Etc. Tsubu)、Broiled (oysters、Surf、Capelin etc.) menu rich!
Business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm。Since there is a possibility of more than one hour of waiting time if the long weekend、I want to visit with time to spare(*´Д`)


Store Information

Store name:Bowl shop Takinami dining room to the north
住所:Otaru, Hokkaido Rice Ear 3-chome 10 Fan 16 [map addr='北海道小樽市稲穂3丁目10番16号' zoom='14']