From 11/1 lights of Sapporo Factory jumbo Christmas tree this year ★ [Sapporo]


Rare indoor type of illumination that can not be found easily in Hokkaido、
サッポロファクトリー クリスマスイルミネーションをご紹介します(*´∀`)


To 15 meters high are also fir、35,000Sapporo factory that ball thing illuminations has been decorated
Jumbo Christmas tree。
About 2 months from November every year、It will be installed in the center of the atrium of the atrium。


That shines with music from 16 pm every day in every hour、
Christmas feeling full of music and、キラキラ輝くイルミネーション
People take pictures and movies、Small children dancing to music、And so entrancing look at a couple ...、Most of the people through which had been watched to stop the foot(*^_^*)


It's home in Sapporo Factory、11/1(土)に予定しているジャンボクリスマスツリーの点灯式で点灯スイッチを押してくれるお子様を募集中!
Nante can press for the first time of the lighting of the switch of this year、It's opportunity that can not be easily experience。
The Why not try to apply the KAWAii mom you have children in elementary school or less(^ O ^)

Details of the Sapporo Factory jumbo Christmas tree

Location / Sapporo City North 2 East Central District 4-chome
November 1, Christmas Tree Lighting scheduled start date / 2014(土)
Details of the 2014 recruiting light up kids here(10March 13 (March · wish) will significantly)
Sapporo Factory official site is here