Couples must-see!


Sweets that are absolutely ranked in the question、White lover。


Shiroi Koibito's package、Pure white mountains。
Actually this mountain、It exists!
The president of Ishiya Co., Ltd., which manufactures Shiroi Koibito, visited、It looks like a mountain range in Switzerland! It seems that it came to be used because it was impressed(*^_^*)


"Otatomari Swamp" is a popular tourist spot where you can see Rishirifuji well.。
July of this year、"Shiroi Koibito no Oka" was born in this Otatomari Swamp!

The official name of Shiroi Koibito no Oka is Numaura Observatory.。
This observatory is about a 15-minute drive from the ferry terminal、A tourist attraction that was originally popular because you can see the sight used in the package of Shiroi Koibito。
Many people come by sightseeing bus during the tourist season、It seems that souvenir shops adjacent to the parking lot are also thriving.。
Such a swamp back observatory、Shiroi Koibito no Oka was born as a result of incorporating it into one of the new sightseeing spots on Rishiri Island.(*´∀`*)
On days when the weather is nice and there is no wind, you can see the upside-down Rishirifuji reflected in the swamp.。


At the Rishiri Island Tourism Association、To the couple who proposed at this "Shiroi Koibito no Oka"、Launched a romantic service of issuing a proposal certificate(〃∇〃)

The proposal certificate that this familiar package was designed for、You can get a gift by applying at the tourist information center。
Tourist information center、Located in the Umi no Eki Oshidomari Ferry Terminal(^^)
If you are interested, please do、Please visit Rishiri Island!
利尻島観光協会 公式サイトはこちら