This KAWAii!


Off the coast of Kaminokuni Town in Southern Hokkaido、I found a sika deer that swims quickly、It has become a hot topic in the news!


29th last month、On the coast of Kaminokuni Town in Southern Hokkaido、A nearby sika deer found a sika deer swimming across the offshore。
Young male sika deer about 1.5 meters long and about 1 to 2 years old。
It seems that the deer tried to land、I was surprised by the people in the gallery who gathered in a blink of an eye and jumped into the sea again.(;´Д`)
It seems that the appearance after that has not been confirmed。worry···

Deer、Can you swim? !!

It is known that deer have the ability to swim,、It seems that it is rare to swim in the sea(゚д゚)!

In the Kerama Islands of Okinawa Prefecture、It is known that a kind of sika deer "Kerama deer", which is designated as a national natural monument, swims from island to island.。
It seems that they will swim more and more with "deer oysters" between the islands where the tide is fast.。
After that, the deer swimming in Kaminokuni Town、I can't seem to see it、I'm sure you're swimming like a kerama deer to the shore(*´ω`*)


It is characterized by light brown with white spots.。
Males have fine horns、The female is not growing。
The female has bump-shaped protrusions where the horns grow,、It doesn't grow, so it doesn't grow as a horn.。

By the way, the sika deer、It ’s the biggest deer in Japan.。
Yezo deer that you often encounter in Hokkaido、When you go to the deer park in Abira Town、You can see the sika deer grazing freely up close(*´∀`)
Deer Park also has a campsite、There are dog runs, athletics, etc.。


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開園期間 / 通年※キャンプ場は4月29日~10月31日
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