Hokkaido [fireworks] summer is not finished 's without this? ! Popular tournament 5 election in July


Fireworks Speaking of summer! As it says "is not After completion summer 's without this!"、It is an essential BIG event in the summer(*’▽’)Makomanai but fireworks display is as popular as almost sold out tickets in May every year、The Hokkaido there are many fireworks to enjoy for free! (May charge parking occurs)
This time, I want to know in June、7The month of Hokkaido fireworks schedule will introduce as 5 election popular!



第33回 洞爺湖 ロングラン花火大会

The Toyako there is a spa town、Every year visit to the families of the travelers many summer。Fireworks (except during stormy weather) even during the period can be enjoyed in the accommodations or day since has been held every day!
Dates:2014On 4/28 (month) ~ 10/31 (gold) 20:45~21:05
Venue :Toya lake
Parking Lot :150Stand Free
Official site:「第33回 洞爺湖 ロングラン花火大会」公式サイト


Dates:2014In 7/13 (day) 20:55~21:15
Venue :Ishikari River riverbed(北旭川大橋下流右岸)
Parking Lot :500Stand Free
Official site:「第24回石狩川フェスティバル」公式サイト


Click here for fireworks has been held at Rusutsu Resort。Fireworks How in after playing in the amusement park? ★
Dates:2014In 7/19 (soil) ~ 8/30 (soil)
※ Dates during the period:2014On 7/19(土)・20(Day)、25(金)~8/30(土)
Venue :Rusutsu Resort on-site Shanshan near field
Parking Lot :2000Stand 500 yen / 1 times
Official site:「ルスツリゾートスペシャル花火大会」公式サイト


Become filled with every year around the Toyohira people、Popular fireworks this! Nor the number of launch 4,000 shots and hearty!
Dates:2014In 7/25 (gold) 19:40~
Venue :Toyohira Minamiohashi upstream left and right coast(南大橋~幌平橋間)
Parking Lot :なし
Official site:「2014道新・UHB花火大会」公式サイト

第48回おたる潮まつり 道新納涼花火大会

Dates:2014In 7/25 (gold) ~ 7/27 (day)
※ Dates during the period:2014On 7/25(金)、27(Day)
2014 7/25(金)20:00~20:30、27(Day)To 20:40
Venue :No. 3 pier base Otaru Port
Parking Lot :なし
Official site:"The 48th Otaru Doshin summer evening tide Festival fireworks" official site
And Why do not you enjoy the fireworks of July and make a plan from now? ♪
7In the middle of the month、The next step is to introduce the August fireworks display!(*’ω’*)