Angelic Voyage


Hakodate is a city that has come with the development of the harbor since the end of the Edo period of open ports、And is a city that is crowded with many tourists rest is history and beautiful scenery still。Such as "Hakodate Suites of the meeting" will be established in such Hakodate、Is also famous as the Suites of town。This time, we introduce the old Hakodate District Public Hall near the KAWAii Suites store "Angelic Voyage"!


★ショコラ・ヴォヤージュ (12個入り) 1,300円
 アンジェリックヴォヤージュ人気No.1の生トリュフ(*’▽’) 北海道の生クリームをなめらかながナッシュで包まれた商品です!
★アンジェリックショコラ (350g)   3,500円
Handmade happy chocolate、Just "chocolate cake of Saiko" ♪
・プレーン     ・チョコスコーン
・抹茶スコーン   ・紅茶スコーン
・黒糖スコーン   ・チーズのスコーン
ボリュームのあるケーキは新鮮なフルーツやこだわりのチョコレートなど種類豊富! 夕方に行くと売り切れている場合もあるのでお早めに(*’ω’*)The price is about one 400 yen。


Although we mainly dealing with souvenirs、In particular crepe would like to recommend! Crepe of Angelic Voyage is fresh, freshly baked in the glutinous rice cake crepe、The expiry date is 30 minutes! Fruit jam, fresh cream, crispy chocolate contains(*^^*)And Deals 400 yen but there is also a volume heavily! ♪ Please eat out delicious and the fresh one by all means


Store Information

Store name:AngeliqueVoyage(アンジェリックヴォヤージュ)
住所:Hokkaido Hakodate Yayoi-cho 3-11 [map addr ='3-11 Yayoicho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido' zoom = '14']