Soup curry loved in Hokkaido! A number of popular soup curry shops that are sure to be featured in Hokkaido travel guidebooks ...。Not only inside and outside Hokkaido、It is also gaining support from overseas travelers(*^^*)The reason for its popularity is the spicy rich soup and colorful vegetables! This time, I would like to introduce a soup curry shop where you can line up because you like Susukino.。


Richness x secret spice x Japanese-style dashi soup with fresh vegetables from Hokkaido and juicy meat、Rice using Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi and five-grain rice is also excellent compatibility。
Shopkeeper training、Self-study、GARAKU's soup curry, which was born after trial and error, is so popular that you can line up for more than an hour even on weekdays!
・やわらかチキンレッグと野菜 1,150円 ・とろとろ炙り焙煎角煮       1,200円
・たっぷり7種きのこ      1,030円 ・炙り生ラムのサイコロペッパー風味 1,300円
・上富良野ラベンダーポークの豚しゃぶと7種きのこの森 1,200円
Pine citron (entering flesh) Yoichi production lotus cup (containing pulp) ¥ 380 all
Business hours、Weekdays (lunch) 11:30~15:30(Lo15:00) Weekdays (dinner) 17:00~23:30(Lo23:00) Sundays (through sales) 11:30~22:00(LO21:30)、There is a possibility of a line, so let's have some time to spare(*´Д`)!


Store Information

Store name:GARAKU
住所:Hokkaido Chuo-ku, Sapporo, "South West 2-chome 7 3 gu 2 order [map addr='北海道札幌市中央区」南3条西2丁目7番地2階' zoom='14']