Chitose Burger


In Chitose annual 18 million or more people and there is a New Chitose Airport to be used、Was unveiled in the 27 days tasting that is open will be to sell a new burger by taking advantage of local production of eggs and want to increase the tourists who stop by。
Tasting is、Held in Chitose city's restaurants、New hamburger named "Chitose burger" has been unveiled。
The hamburger trying to capitalize the Chitose features where there is a production of eggs in Hokkaido one、Such as fried eggs and scrambled eggs is Yes on both sides。
New Chitose Airport local of that year 18 million or more people to use、It is Chitose but with a chance to the get through without stop over a lot of tourists visit have become an issue, such as the city's restaurants have organized a sale of "Chitose burger"。
Hirofumi's out front of the restaurant shopkeeper in one of the developers、I had said, "the people of the whole country to take advantage of the new Chitose Airport I want to eat this hamburger."。
Chitose Burger is that I want to liven up open well as contest each shop in the future be sold in a restaurant to participate compete for taste。


Store Information

Store name:Beikoku-ya
住所:End Hokkaido Chitose City 広 3-1-2
End Hokkaido Chitose City 広 3-1-2