I meet in KAWAii Madoka us!


Anime love girls, of course, anime is also popular from girls not it
"Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica"


Autumn of this year, three works theater version of such Madomagi will be held in New Chitose Airport
"New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival 2014"
Be screened at the all-night event that has been decided!


Held in "Pokkuru Theater potatoes" New Chitose Airport ☆




Will be held from October 31, 2014 in Pokkuru Theater potatoes such

Is "New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival 2014".



The Movie Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica

The story of [prequel] beginning


For more information,Official site of the New Chitose International Animation Film Festival 2014At it, please CHECK(・ω<)


It is also noted in addition to the all-night screenings window magi, even that in the large acoustic director Katsuhiro Otomo "AKIRA" is "roar screening" in the same event.


It is an event without a doubt crowded with people like movies ☆



New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival 2014 Latest information, click here

Open schedule reminders /October 2014 31 (gold) -11 March (March · wish)
VenueNew Chitose Airport Terminal Building

(Proposed Pokkuru Theatre, Center Plaza, and event hall Sho potatoes)

2014 official website Shin Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival