Luck Gappa


The way riding a float ball of glass traveling alone from the "far country"、Luck drifted to Otaru Canal Gappa。
"City" is also "people" also unwind warm Otaru becomes the very love、I decided to live in Otaru Canal。
Walk is also to get lost well I'm hobby、Boy obediently friendly Kappa。What is your favorite food、Sea urchin bowl and Hokkaido asparagus。
I'm Kappa、So I love asparagus than cucumber。
Tengu Yamapiー of Tenguyama Ya、Killer whale puppy suffered a hat of the killer whale Clara、Such as Fu Yu Unchiku owl has been living in harmony in Otaru and Pals。
Also because with a [luck] to name、Pretty What auspicious luck Gappa!

運がっぱのいる小樽市Surrounding idol groups

運がっぱのいる小樽市Surrounding events

運がっぱのいる小樽市Surrounding gourmet

運がっぱのいる小樽市Surrounding news

運がっぱのいる小樽市Yuru-chara around

運がっぱのいる小樽市Beautiful clock around