-Meaning "tree planting" is included in the "Jewel".
- Since a fairy, date of birth and age is unknown. Is no gender.
· Feats, is hide-and-seek.
Hobby, is to put a real tree.
· Favorite food is soy sauce pickled sap, Hasukappu, of ascetic garlic.
• The to're in Nakagawa-cho, from a long time ago, because I get to find anyone, and I have come out himself.
• The penetration naturally Nakagawa town by changing the appearance, we are drifting a Teshio occasionally.
- The are many than the population, we are going to play anywhere curious in Nakagawa-machi.
· To walk, or you can also swim, you can also fly in the sky, but not fly high, it is enough to go on the wind.
-Dream, is to say "Thank you light the night" in the star.

他の Nakagawa-choCharacter that loose of